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I had to move on

I was the proud owner of a 2006 MV Agusta F4 NERO. I had great difficulty finding mechanics and parts. In April 2011 a well meaning mechanic damaged the bike. I had to wait four months for repairs to be completed. Unfortunately for me it was the four best riding months of the year. I was also unable to have the bike during the MotoGP. I had to sell.
A few months ago I posted the MV for sale on this forum for $19,500.00US. A few of the other forum members gave me a hard time for asking so much. I did sell it at the price I wanted.
The moral is, just because somebody's book has a price listed in it, it does not mean your brain should stop working and take someone elses word in deciding the value. You decide the value. After all, the true value of what you have is up to you.
By the way, I am now on a BMW S1000RR. The price was right. I have near immediate access to parts and labor.
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