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Full Ti Exhaust and ECU fitted to 1090RR Brutale

I finally got the full Ti exhaust system from Evolutionbike fitted and ECU installed on the 1090 RR and all went fairly smoothly.

The pipes and brackets were all a perfect fit but did require a fair bit of jiggling to get all the sections seated properly which was aided with the application of high temp anti seize.

The hardest bit was getting the original one piece headers and cat past the oil cooler which I had to remove from its mounting bracket.

Regarding the Secondary Air Circuit, I blocked off the air feed from the airbox to the secondary air circuit using the rubber plug supplied, disconnected the power feed to the S E C solenoid, and re-connected the air feed hose to the airbox

This method kept all the hoses intact but had the same effect as removal and blanking off.

I also removed the rubber baffles from the sides of the airbox to increase air flow

I actually ran the bike with the new system before installing the ECU (couldn't resist) and it ran fine including idling really smoothly and at normal RPM (about 1050 to 1150 RPM)

Following the install of the ECU and connecting the VDST to adjust the TPS the throttle position was @ 2.1 degrees prior to re-setting, so the idle, and throttle position was actually ok so I could have gotten away without the VDST kit though I was not to know that beforehand. Also, this is contrary to some of the forum inputs which seem to infer high idle revs following installation of exhaust systems.

The bike idles a little rougher on start up for about 20 seconds following the ECU install and re-set (sounds like a lumpy cam) then settles down and idles smoothly.

I have only had a couple of (very) short rides following the install so can’t really gauge any major differences at this point BUT it is FREAKING LOUD and the sound is awesome. What a BARK!!.

I scoured the forum prior to attempting this which provided some invaluable info, such as posts by Racasey dealing with the fiddly electrical connectors surrounding the ECU, and some great input from Getec.

Strangely, there was only ONE fuel line from the pump to the injector rail and no return line? Is this a constant pressure pump or something?



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