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Originally Posted by BG Wells View Post
That looks much did the whole thing 'sting' you..All in?. I'd be really interested in this. What's your impression of how accurate it is when your going through the gears and how quickly does it select them going up and down the 'box'?. And did you choose how/what colour you wanted it 'backlit'. I must say it does look impressive though!. Cheers Brian.
It is very accurate and almost instant at changing the displayed gear. It works it out using the ratio of speed vs revs.

To set it up it displays each gear in sequence for about 10secs. You just ride in the gear it shows at around 3500rpm or less. He uses the original set button on the clock to start the programming so no extra switches are needed.

Neutral is a bit different though. It just shows 'n' when you come to a dead stop what ever gear you are in - doesn't matter really - you have a neutral light ! Once you move again it will know the ratio and display the correct gear.

I guess if there was a spare input to the chip he could have utilised the neutral light eg:
If speed=0 and neutral light=on the display 'n'

Problem is you could go up and down the gears as much as you like while not moving and it wouldn't have a clue what gear you are in so just displaying 'n' is probably the best thing to do.

He does a bright white backlight - mine was already blue. Looks good in the dark but to be honest you would never know in the daylight.

Cost wise it was about 175 euros - including shipping back which he says is 40 euros. I sent 2 clocks down and split the postage....


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