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Guys the MV system works well but we have found the ecu is massively rich in oz. I mean like 11.5 afr on our meter. The system itself is great. We are working at the moment to refine this and come up with some local solutions. I will post these when it happens. There are various maps used for different countries also I discovered when in Italy. In fact when bikes are finished being built they go to a section that then sets them up for each market place so USA, Europe, Australia etc. Fuelling etc is part of this. We have fitted some arrow systems with no eco mods and keeping the 02 sensor and had great results. These comments are just our results in Sydney only so I cannot comment anywhere else. Hope this helps
Hi Justin, just read your post, do you suggest then that I should leave the std ECU in place and see how things go?. I have purchased a VDST kit for adjusting the TPS for the new exhaust and if I could I would bring my bike to you for fitting and adjustments but unfortunately I'm in Melbourne and am not confident with Peter Stevens to do the work. If I do fit the new ECU should I re-install the lamda sensor? or do you recommend bypassing it.
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