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Originally Posted by SuperStu View Post
Hi Donsy, thanks for the reply, I wasn't trying to get ahead of myself but I was under the impression that Chris from X Bikes had a 'plug and play' map to suit the Brutale which would be equal or better than the MV Corse ECU and would at least be programmable/alterable 'down the road', and was just considering fitting it whilst I had everything pulled apart. My main goals are improved/smoother throttle response particularly at low RPM's, and greatly improved fuelling as this thing runs waaaayy too rich. Happy to run with the MV Corse ECU and have taken on board your your comments regarding the microtec ECU being 'next level' thinking. cheers,

hi, yeah we do have a plug and play ECU but the 1090 is not a bike i have written any base maps for just yet.

I did have a guy lined but plans conspired against us and it wasn't to be

The minute i get one in i'll post up results but for the moemnt all i can supply is the ECU and a generic base map supplied to me (ok but will need lots of work)

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