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SITREP on my visit to MV dealer

We arrived at our dealerís open house and the first thing we noticed was a white F3 running around the parking lot. The wife and I both go whadafaaa ??? Itís so damn quiet! I put the windows down and all we heard was a whoosh as it past in front of our car. Even when the rider blipped the throttle it didnít sound that special. The next words out of the wifeís mouth were, ďmy bikeís louder than your bike, naner nanerÖ.Ē I replied with, ďthe baffles are going back into your Termiís!Ē

Inside we see the red/silver and Iím instantly in lust with it. Sorry to those of you who like the white but the truth is, it doesnít hold a candle to the red/silver.

I talked at length with my salesman who ran back and forth between the parts and tech guys trying to get answers to my questions. As I expected though, most went unanswered. When I inquired about how he sells what he does with such limited info he replied, ďMost buyers know more then I do about the bikes so itís pre sold. Those who donít are not interested in the technical stuff to care if I do.Ē I did learn that the service tech is scheduled for his F3 training mid July. I also discovered that the black bikes will not be here until the next shipment due in October. So sorry for those waiting for a black one.

Had a strange encounter in the showroom with the co owner of another bike shop (Kawasaki, Yamaha). It seems his partner in that business is the principal at this dealership, (Indian, Triumph, MV). He stepped right between my salesman and myself while we were in the middle of a conversion. He asked if Iíd be interested in the 999R Fila that was in the corner. Seems his shop was taking it to try and sell. I politely said I was buying an F3 to which he told me buy the F3 but I should go to his store for everything else. The wife (as well as myself) was not amused. She later commented that it would be a very cold day in the underworld before sheíd allow me to set foot in his store.

So the bikeÖ what can I say that hasnít already been said? Itís fracking beautiful! Sleek, sensual, inviting, sexy, compact, slender, a quirky mix, old school basics meets new age technology.

Surprises: How narrow it is where the seat and tank meet. How quiet it is. The sloppiness of the cable clutch lever, (Flops up and down worse then a running Basset Houndís ears.) If someone comes up with a hydraulic clutch conversion Iím in for one. No oil sight window, uses old school dipstick.

Funny bits: That little space, (and I do mean tiny) under the passenger seat. The tool kit, please tell me that there is more to it than those two itty-bitty allen wrenches clipped under the seat.

Speaking of things under stuff, how do you go about getting the tail to pop up? As in this photo.

I told the salesman about the battery charger as I wanted to see the connector but he only knew how to pop the passenger seat. There was a ďDĒ ring visible but it didnít want to turn and he was reluctant to force it. He thought it only popped off the main seat cushion.

Changes needed: Seat height, rear plate holder, exhaust and belly pan finish.

The seat height Iíve mentioned in several other threads. Hereís the proof of my dilemma.

If you look closely, (disregard the overly loose shoe lace) youíll see Iím literally on tippy toes. I stretched my legs as far as I could and thatís as close to having both feet down as I got. Shaving the extreme leading edge of the seat isnít going to gain me enough to make it worthwhile.
I could not get a look at the bottom shock mount but here is a photo of the top mount.

This is the same sort of clevis that we replaced on the wifeís M796. Her bike had a huge spacer welded in the top of the ďUĒ that is not found on the smaller M696. So, a simple switch of factory parts and viola, we lowered her bike almost ĺ of an inch. The MV dealership didnít have a parts fiche so I was not able to see a diagram as to whether a similar situation exists on the F3. That is to say, is there a similar spacer on the F3ís clevis that could be removed?

Both of these bikes have been ridden and spiritedly I might add. Hereís the proof from the red bike.

Also, the red bike was filthy. It had been recently ridden in the rain and it was easy to see where the bike will be the hardest to clean. The belly pan had been off and it was covered with greasy fingerprints. The brushed finish is definitely not the best for such an application. Iíd be tempted to have it repainted to match the side panels. However, carbon fiber was mentioned as the best solution. Oh, this bike is going to be a money pit I just know it.

We learned a surprising thing about these two bikes. I was told that these bikes were pre-production units here for display only and that they would be going back to Italy at some point. However the wife pointed out that the red bike seemed to have the appropriate stickers and a proper 17 digit VIN. I was able to read the part about ďThis motorcycle meets all applicable Canadian standards in force on the date of manufacture as shown above,Ē on the one sticker on the upper left frame rail closest to the steering head. The tank obscured the date of manufacture.
When I ask my salesman about this he said he didnít know about them being Canadian models. He did say that several peopled had tested the bikes and all complained about the poor running at low RPMís. However he changed his story and let it slip that they may not want them back in Italy and so these may end up being CRUSHED!
Iíve been in and around the trade long enough to know that vehicles are brought into the country all the time on limited use papers. Typically this is for cold weather testing or for custom installation of specialized equipment on autos and trucks. (I worked for a company that was to install mobile radar units on Merc military truck frames.) But every so often I hear about motorcycles that get crushed. Often itís a tax thing were by itís more financially beneficial to squash a bike and claim a loss then to pay to ship it back to the manufacture who canít sell it anyways.

This just seems wrong to me. Iím going to write to MotoVan the Canadian distributor to see if I can get ďthe rest of the story.Ē

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Would be very sad to crush such a beautiful bike. Thanks for the write up on it.
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Tip toes is FINE--Don't mess up the handling of a great bike. On my Brute (which is one of the lowest sport bikes around) I was tip toe on ONE foot, the other dangling. It was never a problem.

If you think you have to have 2 feet down, or flat foot, you just need more practice/experience.

Of course, there are some bikes I can't even mount, like the KTM 990 Adv...

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How tall are you?
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Speaking of things under stuff, how do you go about getting the tail to pop up? As in this photo.

It were 6 screws to remove

hope You will get your bike soon. the white and the black are looking great but an MV should be red and silver.
the noice is their when the bike is around 6000rpm
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Put the key in on left hand side of bike, near the black tubular frame section. Twist key and pull up seat.
There is a charging lead under seat, it's covered with rubber cap. It's a special fitting so charger is supplied by MV.
Surprised u think bike is quiet? Mine is noisy as hell. Rough n raw. After every trip out I check that the crank is still there
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Thanks for the updates Stephen! Yeah, it seems the F3 seat position is higher thant I thought it was. I remember on the B3, it was quite all right for me, even though I'm only 1,73 meters high.

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Awsome write up stephen, i agree with trikrik the f3 is far from quiet. As for your height problem i rode my previous bike a yamaha r6 for six years and could only put toes on floor, you deal with it believe me dont let it put you off.. Pics of mine are in gallery now if anyone wants a look!!!
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Great write up! Whats your height? At 5'7" (on a good day), im a little curious on how the bike will feel. Everything ive read seems to mention that the dimensions are great for a smaller/shorter rider.

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People are seriously complaining about the height? I am amazed! I am a relatively inexperienced rider and consider myself pretty average in height (172cm or about 5'7"). I can put both feet down and depending on how far forward I sit.

Two things I would say as someone with not nearly as much experience as the general crew here.
1. The bike is super light which makes the whole experience quite easy
2. I'm not tall and I'm comfortable on the bike putting one or both feet down (no I don't have long legs). So unless we're going to start a thread about different seat heights on production bikes please just try it out and stop complaining!
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