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Thumbs up 2013 F3 675 ***help Needed***

Hi guys, I am brand new on here, I will apologise straight up for posting what I am sure is an old set of questions, but I am looking at securing the deal on a 2013 F3 675 in Australia.

Being new to the forum I don't have the time tonight to spend 12 hours scrolling through hundreds of threads and posts on the bike, so hear goes.

I can only find one independent (I think) review on this bike dated back to early 2013 and the review isn't great. Mainly problems with the fuel mapping, apparently sluggish in low revs and almost stalls, also when throttling off the power stuck on which meant the reviewer was going too fast through corners.

The other issue was the traction control was intervening at all the wrong times entering corners in certain modes making the bike unpredictable and almost dangerous........

I have also also read that the fuelling issues were fixed in a software upgrade back in 2014 but haven't been able to confirm much on it.

The bike is an amazing looking machine and I want everything to come back great on it, BUT if it's got issues I gotta go with my head not my heart!!

Any help anyone can give me on these issues or any other would be very much appreciated.


Darren - South Australia
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Have you been for a test ride? If not do that before anything else.

There's a hoard of posts here and all around the internet along the lines of:

"I love the look of the bike, but xxxxxx is sh*t and I don't like it. The bike doesn't do xxxxx etc." Some are even along the lines of: "I don't like the dash, why is it so crowded?" It's as if people didn't notice these things before they put their money down.

I'm not being pessimistic, but it does get tiring and generally you'll get the standard responses of:

"You buy an MV with you heart not your head. if you need to think about money, reliability, features etc. you don't deserve to have one." Which is also of little help.

Only you can tell if you like the bike, the ride and all it's features.

In response to your questions:

Yes the fueling was terrible, especially in Sport Mode around town. Yes, it was updated in late 2013 (here in the UK anyway) and the bike is now fine in town in Normal and Ok-ish in Sport Mode, quite why you want Sport Mode in town would baffle me. it's not that hard to change on the fly, despite what everyone says (you hold down a button for about 3 seconds and push it until you get the mode you want.)

It should be noted that the throttle tube on the 2013 is VERY light compared to most bikes and some of the new MV's. This is not a bad thing, it just takes some getting used to. Combined with the original mapping, at low revs it was hard to keep a steady throttle opening. The surging the reviewer talked about is most likely the variable engine braking, which can be adjusted. I tend to use a Custom map or Normal most of the time.

TC - I can't really comment as I've either never really noticed it cutting in, or had it cut in. Which means it's either ok or I'm not riding fast enough for it to. I've had the bike out on a fast ride in 4 degrees and worn DRC's and never really had any issues with the back sliding. Others on here swear it's awful. You could just turn it off.

Other issues seem to be:

Sprag gear, this affects mainly the 800's but do make sure the bike has been kept on a charger and the battery is good. A battery change from the original BS is recommended.

On the earlier bikes the wires on the horn seemed to ship short and then pull out. This often caused a short resulting in no indicators or horn. I fixed this by changing the position of the horn (I rotated it so the wires weren't stretched) and a new fuse.

The rear light is not LED on the 2013 model, so some have had the bulb blow. Change it. It's not hard, although you do have to do a bit of tugging to get the bulb out.

As per many bikes, if you ride in the cold, wet and salt, and don't clean the bike, bits will corrode. The exhaust valve can seize. Bolts can and will go white and the seize. Keep your bike clean.

Check the fuel tank in the sunlight for rippling. SOME early tanks suffered from a reaction to the ethanol in modern fuel, resulting in gentle to severe swelling on the tank. Other makes (Ducati, Aprilia, Triumph, KTM) have been affected in the past. Mine was covered by warranty and the new tanks shows no signs of swelling in around a year now.

Make sure the bike has a FSH from an MV dealer and the latest software updates.

The bike is a sports bike, so it is not soft and comfortable, that said I find it more comfortable than my previous 08 ZX-6R, but not as much as my 07 GSX-R 600. Get the suspension set up (or at least set the sag, and start with a decent base setting). Bad suspension set up can ruin a bike. It's adjustable for a reason.

Also best to remember, the bike is not a Japanese IL4 nor is it a Triumph Triple. If you are planning on using the bike for commuting and pottering around town, then this is not the bike for you. Despite the throttle and mapping being updated, it is still not a great place to be and I'd rather be on my Monster M600 for nipping around town. Above 30mph and things are ok, above 40mph and it's good. Above 50mph and it just gets better and better. I have never had any issues keeping up with bigger bikes until speeds I am not comfortable doing on the road as I like my license. On the track and correctly set up it is great.
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Thank you for the reply, very comprehensive. Unfortunately for within the space of 2 hours the seller (don't know if I can call him bad names on here) has now sold it to someone else who can get there a day earlier than me! Back to the drawing board ERRRRRRRR

I have found an 800 F3 though same year. You mentioned the sprag gear? Can you elaborate?

I am not too concerned about the comfortability of these things, I wont be daily commuting on it its a weekend twisty bike for me. In South Australia I have the benefit of working 12 kilometres from the CBD anyway and get get to work in 20 minutes, not enough time to get sore.

Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it
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Also this 800 I am looking at has 14,500 kilometres on it, can anyone give any advice on whether that would be considered to be low/medium k's for the life expectancy of a bike like this?

It has full service history, major service completed at 12,000 and has had the oil changed every 3,000 k's.
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No idea about life expectancy, but that works out to around 9000 miles (we still use miles in the UK) and I know of at least one F3, that has had around 12500 miles done on it in the first year, but it was a 675. I'm on around 6500 miles and touch wood it is all going strong (although I may be seeing this year).

The sprag clutch is part of the starting gear and from what I can work out (someone more mechanical will be along to explain more/correct me) it is to do with the helping the starter motor engage with the engine. On the 800's this wore out/failed on a large number of them. This has now been/is being warrantied by the factory.

It resulted in a clacking sound from the engine when you tried to start (as if you cranked the engine and then let go of the starter button before it fired) and the engine refusing to start. It was exacerbated by trying to start the bike with a low/weak battery.
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My 2012 with latest fuel map (2014) and revised throttle grip is absolutely perfect. I ride mine in sport mode only that's how good it is.

Test ride it as the opinions vary.
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You can also get a stiffer throttle spring which is what I did. It will ease the transition of you're used to I4 cable bikes.

I'll echo and say a good base suspension setup is key to enjoy the bike. Mine was atrocious when I picked up it but luckily I knew what the issue was.
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