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You may have some air in the system. When you stop for fuel the water in the engine gets a significant heat shunt and any air in the system will expand and hence the overflow loses a bit of coolant.
I solved this on my F4 by from cold..

take off the header tank cap.
start the bike
let her warm to about 80C
Don't let it boil as watwer will spurt out everywhere as the air in the system expands
stop the bike.
refit the cap.

Use the bike

Next day from cold repeat the exercise but top up the coolant level first. Each time you do this some bubbles will rise. I found with the F4 I couldn't get rid of them all at once it took a few repeats...

The other point is..You didn't go past the Yankees ground did you as we all know the " yankees suck"


ps one final point..If there is insufficient coolant in the system the temp sensor won't work correctly as it is supposed to sit in the water flow...No water and hmmmm

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