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Originally Posted by style_one
but i'm getting anxious and tired of the backorder wait. i need to know for sure if i can use a link pipe from a brutale or f4 1000 to replace the RG3 midpipe on my 750 f4. from posting before i don't think you can go the other way without modification. i'm thinking i'll even slap a stock 1000 cat up there just to be able to ride again if it will fit until the part i need comes in. something tells me the wait for the backordered part is going to be a good one. i may just have to put on my stock headers until the part comes in...getting tired of
Nope A 750 and 1000 link pipe are different, they are the same where they join to the RG3 or other silencer but are different diameters at the join under the engine, believe it or not the 750 is BIGGER at this joint than the 1000.....I know, I converted my 750 one to fit my 1000
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