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Can't believe I forgot!

I got the Brutale out of storage at my parents two weeks ago and brought it up to my apartment only to have freezing temps and some snow strike again. She sat undercover on her stand patiently waiting for me to grow a pair.

I got off work this evening on time, at 6:00. and decided to put the pegs I ordered from Carl on.(thanks by the way)

After this I decided to suit up for my first real ride of the season. Once I got all of my gear on, my legs and hands were shaking in anticipation. It was like the first time I swung my leg over her. She started right up, and the off-beat idle I've come to love burbled into my ears.

I waited for the engine to warm up as I putzed out of the city limits, then tore off into the surprisingly brisk 38F dusk. I hit some of the few twisties in my Ohio flatland, and couldn't wipe the grin off my face. GOD I LOVE THIS BIKE !

43 miles later, cold and numb. We returned home and she once again found the comfort of her cover. I gave her a loving pat from my frozen hand and stumbled inside with the smug smile all of us that ride MV's know.
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