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Originally Posted by oepie View Post
Nice work, Steve!

PS Russ, Haupti, Helmi, Sheriff, MVista, myself and the rest of the gang want your address. We've got a couple of hundred carbs that need polishing

Ha! It's dirty work, but someone's got to do it . Maybe a nice little sideline for someone?

Got them on there now anyway, so all they need is setting up. (I don't suppose my neighbours will enjoy me doing it though. The bike's a wee bit noisy to be run in the yard!)

Cam-covers are wire-brushed and not polished 'cause I didn't want to ruin the sandcast effect. You'll notice that these carbs sit straight and the trumpets don't point 'in' as the original 750s carbs/trumpets would have done. I wonder what effect this has on the running? I once read that a 750s rider needed to ride with his knees splayed when giving it the beans in order not to restrict airflow into the trumpets. Hmm! .

It'll be a shame to put the fairing back on now .

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