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[quote=Resom;409865]IMHO - Terblahhh wasn't the worst, but certainly was one of the worst.

Really, have you not seen the current CBR1000, the current R1, the BMW S1000RR, the KTM RC8, the newest Hayabusa (possibly the king of uglyness), the Kawi Z1000, the Suzuki Gladio...... shall I go on? None of those were designed by Terblanche but man - are those bikes disgusting!!

I think Tamburini said it best when he simply said "Terblanche does not know how to combine 'style' and 'function' together as one".

+100, see my previous post.

999 - Ugliest Ducati superbike made. Have you ever worked on one?Ugh.

Ugliest Ducati Superbike-yes. But still better than all competition except for MV

I haven't bought a Ducati since my '95 916 (which I still own), quote]

Still own my 95 916 too. Can't beat that bike for design AND functionality!!
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