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Well I've seen some comments that the F3 is the most beautiful bike ever created. It is not designed by Tamburini - so there may be someone even better than the Great Tambo?!?

I agree that Tamburini is the best designer to date. Not just because of the way his creations look, but also because of the way his motorcycles are put together - simple but effective. Tambo's designed bikes are the nicest to work on. He understood motorcycles in their entirity, not just the styling aspect.
The lesser understanding of the big picture is what makes all other designers inferior to Tamburini, IMO.

None the less, Terblanche did create many beautiful bikes but they are not nearly as nice to work on as Tamburini bikes. To lable him as a bad designer is a bit ignorant. Anyone seen the prototype Guzzis at EICMA he did a year ago or so? Stunning!!!
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