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@La Case got the belly pan colours from your bike
Found it so good looking

@Carnage those wheels make the bike handle totally different , you go from standard star wheels 10.2kg to 4.9kg Bst a pair.It turns much quicker now.When you buy them get Michelin Power pure,s on them and you win 1.6 kg a pair compared to other tires.I have the power pures on the B4 , their awesome
Brembo light weight wheels like in my Brutale come close 5.6 kg a pair.And i think Alkt.... here on the forum has a pair for sale.

@tremor and jml3p got it from , they delivered it in only 2 days , but Belgium is next to Germany so.
But their service is great , they delivered the rise bars for my F4 two weeks ago , the next day.Very friendly people on the phone to.
Standard the screen comes in matte black , but i had it sprayed at the same time with the belly pan in the same color as the B4 R tank.

@seaeagle i never drove above 180 km with my brutie , too much wind preassure on my body.And to many speed traps.With the F4 i always ride 200 km + , got it registered in Monaco that helps a lot
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