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Post up if you have any questions. It's not too hard.

I'd drain the tank best you can first. Get some clear hose from a hardware store and suck a little to start a syphon and drain into a gas can.

It's been a while but I think this should be the basics...

remove the seats

remove tank bolt under main seat

remove the side panels under the tank, one side pops out (back side?) and then they slide off.

loosen bolts on sides of tanks with arm that braces against the frame.

remove two bolts in key / ignition plate

I think that's about it. Wiggle the tank straight up, it should be loose and slide out. The two hoses will be connected to the bottom of the tank. Move the slides on the fittings to remove the quick release pieces. Likely one of these are broken, probably one of the male fittings on the hose.

Replace the fittings.

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