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I haven't looked at the owners manual yet, so I also don't know how to read the temperature graph. (I haven't looked at the manual for my 2 year old 1098 yet either). I'd prefer an analog tach and a temperature guage or temp digital readout. So to answer Allens question, don't know. I switched bikes with my friend (S1000RR) and he noted how hot the MV felt. I'm used to the Duc and my old F4, so the heat is old hat.
Much as I love the new F4, I'm still blown away by the BMW. While riding it, I was thinking it's "Motorcycle Riding For Dummies". Everything is so easy and comfortable. We both agreed that the MV had more guts, at least up to 7K, which is contrary to what I've read. The BMW gear box is very precise. I keep finding neutral when I don't want to on the MV, as did my friend while he rode it. Need to make friends with a RSV4 owner!! See what thats all about.
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