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Kawininja, as posted elsewhere - I own the new 2010 F4, and my brother owns the 1000rr and we have swapped bikes on a number of occasions. Engine wise, the BMW wins in terms of smoothness and responsiveness - particularly as Mikef4uk says, below 4k revs. The BMW is much more Japanese-like in that it will pull from pretty much any revs - whereas the F4 has a flat spot at 3500 revs and really requires you to keep it on the boil in order to get a fast getaway. Above 4k, both bikes pull cleanly. The main difference though, is that you feel that you're going faster on the F4 - its partly the glorious sound, but also the effect of the power band. What this means is that you can have fun at lower speeds on the F4. With the RR, like many Japanese sports bikes, the power is so smooth (as you point out) that it actually makes for a slightly uninvolving ride - unless you are really riding at speed - at which point it's the speed itself that provides the thrill. Having ridden both bikes, for me the F4 wins hands down - not because it is the easier bike to ride (it isnt), but because its a more involving bike to ride. The only analogy I can give you is - A Mitsubishi Evo car might be more technologically brilliant, cheaper and easier to drive than many Italian supercars - but which one would you really want to own......
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