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Originally Posted by CAG View Post
Will your events be offering instruction and if so who are the instructors? How many first timers will you get and do you want first timers? Perhaps you could set yourself apart by offering just intermediate and advanced riding groups.
Troy Bayliss hasn't returned my call. I think he's gonna take that job back at Ducati.

Actually, TeamPro and Absolute have $100 track days now. I'm interested to see how that will play out because aside from their membership fees I don't see how they will make money. I can't see them having any less than 120 riders on the track on any given day. 120 riders at $100 doesn't even cover track rental fees at most of the big tracks.

It looks like they are in some type of war and are trying to put each other out of business.

BTW, I forgot CAG was a bonafide racer now. Excuuuuuuse me.

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