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SPU issue?

So I posted a few days ago about maybe buying an 04 Brutale, I asked about the issues with the SPU and you guys replied with lights going haywire.

So tonight I went and looked at it, rode it (FRICKEN AWESOME), checked the lights and the hub like I was told, and everything was working fine. I trailered it home, no rain or anything, and went for a ride. I went maybe 15 miles (once again so much better than everything I've owned), stopped got gas, went another 20 or so, and came back to my place. Turned it off, took the manual out of the trunk and sat in my chair and started reading. Then after I got to the section about the set button and how to go through the menu's, I went back out and started it up and set the clock, zeroed the trips. When I tried to turn it off it wouldn't go off. Lights would all turn off, but the engine would just run a little faster with the key off. I finally ended up running inside to get a screwdriver and took the positive lead off the battery to turn it off. and now the low beam doesnt work, just traveling light and high beam.

Please any info is appreciated because I am sad
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