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Originally Posted by Baronvonbombburst View Post
Is the parkers price guide ( for motorcycles ) a load of old rubbish?

I`ve been looking for an early red/silver f4 750. Parkers recon`s £3600 for a good private example ( i know i`ll have to pay about £5000). I`ve seen a few bikes priced very optimistically above this. Is this a supply / demand thing pushing prices up?

As beautiful as they are ( and i`m not bashing the bike here, i`ll be buying one ) the bikes i`m looking at seem to command a high price for what is essentially a ten year old bike.

Once i have one in the garage i`m sure i`ll stop my whinging.

Hi there, you are using a guide and that is exactly what it is. Many of the bikes listed never get updated and just show the depecation over time however due to the brand being relitivly exotic they hold their value. The price is always govend by the market. I get customers every day phoning me up saying how much is my bike worth???? Just use a little common sense and see what people private/trade are selling them for and be realistic.

Good luck
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