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Originally Posted by mvmatty View Post
Funny you say that, I was thinking about my grinder today....
Sorry no photos yet (just dodgy phone photos), but its the red & silver one, it was a toss up between that or the black and white one which I also loved but went the origional scheme...I was going to add about it running hot, but we all know they do right...I have been (trying..!) keeping it under 6k so far and look forward to giving it some more, it certainly is hard to keep the front wheel down at around 5-6k under moderate acceleration in 1st, but I am sure the demo bike I rode (non 312 model 1000r with 8000km's) seemed even more punchy, thus my question about weather the engine gets better with more km's....
Not that it needs any more punch
yea mate most run hot, do a search on the forum and there is a abundance of info on it. The more k's I put on mine the better it got so strat riding mate.
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