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Originally Posted by MRT View Post
Hi Matt

You got a pretty good deal there bud, I tried to buy a 312R from them when I got mine and they wouldn't budge from the RRP which was about $34,000 back then. In the end I said screw em and took my $30 something grand to another dealer.

Mate my stand dont fit properly either, it will go in but not without a bit of persuasion. I need to take the nylon bush into work and take a skim off with the lathe.

I followed the run in proceedure in the hand book for the first thousand kay's,varying the throttle and keeping it under 6 grand then after the first service the mechanic said it was right to get up it. My run in trip went over tambourine, springbrook, numinbah valley to kyogle and back up the summerland and mt lindsay highway. then a few more laps around the canungra area and she was ready for the thousand kay service that monday.

I haven't got a warranty book either, but they obviously have a record becuase i have had no problem getting warranty work done.

I haven't noticed it loosen up any more since the first 1000 kays.

Enjoy your bike mate, what colour did you get?
^^^red and silver
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