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Just bought a 312

G'day everyone...
First off, thanks for all the great information on this site, I used it frequently before my purchace...
So...A few days ago I picked up my new (05/08) f4 312r for $26000 ride away inc helmet($400)...Pretty good deal I thought, bought on gold coast (QLD, Australia).
So at the moment I am running it in (now up to 300km's) and loving it, of course..!
Couple of questions,
1. Rear stand is near impossible to fit, is this usual?

2. How SHOULD I run it in, 2 different dealers have told me different to what the owners book states ie. go easy for 3 tanks then let it rip...
3. No service book to stamp or warranty book? Both dealers said it was all done online ?
4. Will the bike get better over a few 1000 km's as it loosens up?

Thanks for any advice on this machine, and by the way I am loving it !

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