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Mine are wound all the way out, but that's because my suspension guy determined I needed a higher fork oil level.

There is no right or wrong by looking at the preload adjusters, there is right or wrong by measuring sag. If you're 185, it could be that the springs are slightly heavy. I believe they are 1.0kg, which is for heavier guys. And the rear spring is for about a 150 pound rider if I remember right. I have a Penske shock on mine, but I'm not sure what spring it is.

It's a very similar problem that the 996/998 bikes had. Springs on the forks for heavy guys, springs on the rear for light guys (unless you got a biposto and then it might be closer to right).

Set the sag with you on it to be about 1/3 of total suspension travel. You'll need help with this from at least one other person.

Then set the compression and rebound damping such that the fork deflects and returns at the same speed, and from the time you bounce on it to the time it fully returns is between half a second and a second.

This is just a good place to start before you fiddle more.

I also found that you need to lift the rear of the bike about 10 or 15mm (measuring vertically from the rear axle to some hard point on the frame) from stock, depending on how you like it to turn. A 190/55 rear tire adds some height from the axle to the ground which also helps.

I don't remember where I wrote all this stuff down, it's been so long...

And I see you're in Phoenix. I was going to meet up with the people at some point, if I do I'll let you know and we could go over some basic stuff. But you really need a new rear spring to get it right.

'01 F4S
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