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Also it depends if MV Agusta USA still has any left over 2008s in their warehouse and dealers are stilling willing to let go of their 312R for around $18K. In April, three Southern Californa dealers were selling 312R for that price ($20K OTD price actually). They had a kickback program that was suppose to end on May 31 but I'm not sure if it's been extended.

If there aren't a lot of leftover F4R and 312Rs, you may get lucky since I don't think dealers are going to discount the 312RRs much since they just arrived a week or two ago. So, maybe you could get $15K ($10K less than a 312RR).

For what it's worth, right before I bought my 1198, I asked the dealer, "If I had a 312R and wanted to trade it in to you today, what would you give me." He said, $13K because I could get a new 312 for the warehouse and resell it for the $20K OTD price I was asking for.
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