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F4 1078 fixed. EBS not to blame!

Finally problem (cylinders not working properly) was fixed last night. Findings:

1). Cylinder no 1 only was the problem. So finally NOT EBS related.
2). Spark in cylinder 1 was fouled as all connections and wiring loom were fine (especially tension coils on all 4 cylinders). What caused the fouling of that one plug yet unknown.
3). All existing sparks (make NGK CR9EB) should have (according to the book) a reistance of 4.5 KΩ to 5.5 ΚΩ). Mine had only 3.6ΚΩ. New NGK Iridium CR9EIX had 4.4ΚΩ and replaced all 4. Not sure if this (bike's own plugs having 3.6ΚΩ resistance) is normal. Surely more current passes through..
4). The general feed relay was found problematic with 1 connection lead/pin damaged. In the absence of the standard 40A relay (still waiting from UK) we placed a 30A one with similar pins. Works fine for the time being.
5). As this was a firing problem and not injection related, question is what caused the fouling of the cylinder 1 plug and whether is related to the general feed relay 'damage'. The other spark plugs worked fine and all showed no discoloration (black) or grease residue on tips or .. Sparks' condition was good.

Appreciate all the comments and pictures from everyone in the last month and will again appreciate opinions on point 3 and 5 above i.e. whether resistance of a spark being a problem and what can cause the fouling of a plug in any of the cylinders. Because it may happen again.

Thanks again.
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