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Talking THE phone call

So I'm at work one day and I get this call from a buddy of mine saying "hey, you know that bike you wanted....its rolling through the front door right now" So I'm thinking what the heck is he talking about and then it hits me...the SPR? Holly really?? "Yes and it only has 739 mi on it." Then I realize its been 1 year to the month when I said I will have this bike and for some odd reason it has found me! So I dont skip a beat and tell him its sold, sign me up! So the paperwork is in the mail as I type, overnight to the dealer, and they have to box it up and ship it to me in the next few days. I cant believe its coming, its worse than X-mas as a kid. So I thought I would post my first thread and say hey and I just joined the F4 owners club!

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