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Originally Posted by MihaSLO View Post
See, this kind of problems you get when you buy F4!

Seriously; what's an emission sticker? Some kind of ''document'' that bike is legal for street use regarding emissions?(we don't have sticker in EU, but there are different ways)

It's a sticker on the bike that says it complies with State and Federal laws, or something like that. It's especially important here in California because it actually says it's "California compliant", or else you cannot register the bike and get a license plate.

They basically denied me the registration (eventhough I got a 2 month temporary one) because the sticker says it's for the model year 2003. Title says it's a 2004. Since some of it is actually missing, you can't tell if it says "2003 and newer" or what.

Too bad it's not a '06, or else I'd use the sticker that's on the Brutale.
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