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Honestly I could afford a magnesium swing arm but the money I would save with an aluminum arm will go to the other parts I need to save this bike.

The guy low sided the bike going into turn 1 at Roebling. When it hit the grass it tumbled into a yard sale. He's planning to part out what's left of it. Obviously the bodywork is trashed but the front and rear suspension is done too. Even the wheels are beyond repair. I asked him to hold off until I can figure out if it's salvageable. So far everything is fairly easy to get except for the swing arm parts. The arms themselves are in abundance even. Magnesium and aluminum both. I've been searching like crazy for a complete arm but haven't had any luck. Thought I would ask around here and see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

The race team sounds like it has potential. Any more info on that?
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