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Originally Posted by Landmissile View Post
Hey there... I was hoping someone might lead me in the right direction with a parts search. I'm looking for a complete swing arm assembly for a 2006 F4 1000. A friend of mine has a wrecked bike that I'm thinking about picking up and rebuilding as a track bike. I can find just the swing arm and just a handful of the parts to put one together but I can't find a complete swing arm.

I'm sure I can get one from the dealer but I don't want to know what that's going to cost. I'm hoping to find a complete swing arm used and in serviceable condition.

And that's it. Aside from a brand new one from the dealer anyone know where I can get a used one or where I can search.

Thanks for your time,
I remember reading somewhere there was a racing team that had Six spare swing arms from the factory that they couldn't use because they wanted them 15mm longer or something.
Worth chasing or researching. Someone here on this forum should know who that was?
They were magnesium from memory so still could be expensive.
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