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You're most welcome...I can drive the S**t out of a race car, shifter kart, ski, etc...that skill got me into trouble with bikes on pavement, as sliding your car or kart into a gravel trap is somewhat different than highsiding your bike into a gravel trap. It hurts and it can be very expensive. I spent my first full day at a bike school nearly crashing, frustrating the instructors and being told over and over to calm down and slow down. I've done enough school days now to know, I'd rather learn the best and correct way to get around the track, than trying to be the fastest guy in the group...going fast on a motorcycle is a result of doing it right, not a result of bravery. Save the track records for track days and consider you'll probably do 10-12 track and or school days before your ready to be riding a bike at a level, near where you were driving your car. You will have some frustration early on, so have some patience, it will will have a blast, and that won't pass. Approach this like you're going to learn French, not like you're going to learn to be Rossi.
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