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Hey E:

I posted this in response to your Schwantz post in the group ride section, not sure if you saw it, so here goes, again, just in case:

"For me, the main diff between car track days and bike track days is how hard you drive a car into a turn compared to a bike. The bike is in like a lamb, out like a lion...with the car, it can be in like a maniac, out like a lion (which will get you into trouble every time on a bike) I went to Code & Spencer's schools and both said exactly the same thing "Car guys generally brake way too deep, drive way too hard into the turns and tend to override the bike, you got to calm down, relax and be smooth". Slow down and and listen to the can be very frustrating and humbling unlearning bad habits...and remember to have fun."

Update: Never been to Kevin's school, but I'm sure it'll be great, most of these schools pretty much teach the same way (just like the car schools) with emphasizes on different elements of riding, ie: Spencer focused on trail braking and getting into the turns, with a pretty good secondary focus on body movement and not a lot of consideration paid to fixed reference points.

Code was much more about throttle control and getting out of the turns, body position (more so than body movement) and a lot of focus on fixed reference points for turn in and braking.

With that said, they are all about smooth input and not riding above your head. You will learn a lot if you relax, listen and don't try to be the fastest guy out there (and don't worry about whether or not your knee touches the ground, that comes, when it comes)

As far as gear goes, just make sure it's high quality and fits well, too tight or too loose can be a nightmare. Make sure you have good gloves (Alpinestars, Dainese, Held, etc) a good helmet (Arai, Shoei, Suomy, AGV, etc) and good boots (Sidi, Alpinestars, Dainese, etc) you don't have to spend a fortune, deff want the pant and jacket to zip together (you will deff want a lightweight back protector, T-Pro/ForceField is good, light, comfortable and around $150 bucks, and it wouldn't hurt if the jacket had a bit of track focus with shoulder and elbow armor) and I would recommend going to a good gear shop and getting fitted by the apparel person, as opposed to trying to save a few bucks by buying online (you said you have the pants, take them with you to shop, so you know if they'll zip together)...and be sure you wear the new bits on a few rides prior to going to the school.

Good Luck
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