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Originally Posted by esq'z me View Post
Well, the steering crown plaque is the real deal (engraver's stamps) although I suspect the red paint was added.

Looks like a stock F4 750 with a silver paint job. Probably has the SPR engine, that's the power-up version. Not too much special about it that jumps out other than the plaque. Carbon body parts? Maybe the heat guards on the exhaust (can't tell for sure), but what else?

Nice looking bike. There have been some other one offs, a striking yellow and silver example I have seen photos of is one.

At any rate, welcome to the family !!! Please add your location to your profile.
It is not silver (diamante) but flat grey.

The strange thing is that the SPR engine was introduced a few years later. My bike is from 2000 and the engine number is also from this year.

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