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Originally Posted by theknurl View Post
Here's the simple way takes way longer to explain it than do it
1>The tools needed .....the T handle is what l use because I have it, it's my Father's '30s Dzus tool
2> Remove the caliper
3> Hold the caliper with the hose up
4> Put the wedge between the upper pads, spread the lower pads all the way with the screwdriver
5> Tilt the pads out with your finger tip, insert the new pads
6> Remove the wedge from between the upper pads and put it between the lower pads
7> Spread the upper pads and replace them
8> Remove the wedge and remount the caliper
9> Don't forget to pump the M/C up before riding
Dirty dirty filthy caliper
While on the subject, how on earth do you guys get the 4 pistons to move in unison??

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