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2012 Brutale 920 starting issue (no power at all)

Hi everyone,

I am here asking for your much needed assistance and any help is greatly appreciated.

My buddy picked up a Brutale 920 2 weeks ago. 2012 model. Bike ran fine. He parked it for a few days and went to start it. Battery was flat. Charged and it was fine again. The following weekend he went to start the bike. No response. Dash does not sweep, no fuel pump priming, no headlights, no noises. The only thing that came on is the oil light flashing. Pushing starter = nothing. He bought a brand new battery and made no difference.

I have read all I can on these forums on possible issues (that my limited tech. Knowledge can comprehend) but none quite match his symptoms. I'm going out there on the weekend to try and sort it out with him.

Im going to check:
- all wires hooked up to battery properly and securely
- check grounding
- check all fuses
- check all plugs and looms are secure

If this fails, what else should I look out for?
Solenoid? Relays? A little guidance on what and how to check would be so helpful.

I have spoken to him and he says all fuses appear good, battery hooked up correctly, no revesed polarity at all. No popping or sparking installing battery.

Many thanks.
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