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Originally Posted by JerryJoose View Post
I haven't used the Bikeplast stuff but I've seen/touched it in person out of the box. It is nice it comes with the heat foils and fasteners but I'll reserve any other comments since I've never actually used them. But of all the ones I have used:

Sharkskinz (all red) and Armor bodies (Blue) are the best fitment and most crashworthy, with the SB having a slight advantage. The AB tail section royally sucks to mount (especially if it's cold) and can scratch up your subframe if you're not delicate when you put it on. Plus it has some weird extrusions it's hard to put a number plate on. The sharkskinz tail section is a two piece and is awesome for use with the stock seat. Also the side fairings line up directly with the OEM upper so you can even go riding on the street. (see below)

Carbonin (red/blk/white) is great too especially with the SBK tail section. It's a tight fit around the tank but once everything buttons up it's nice and snug. It doesn't crash as well as the AB and SS but the upper/side/belly are easier to mount and button up. Also when you take the upper off the WSS ducts come out too so it's 1000x easier to work on anything up front. I don't think these fairings don't work with OEM ducts but I haven't tested.

I bought some Chinese fairings (blue/red/white) where price included custom paint. Great price but the Fitment was a HUGE PITA and I had to drill all the holes. I left them mounted for a handful if heat cycles for it to take form. I didn't really like the SBK tail seating position (sat you higher) it kinda messed with my riding comfort. I never crash tested them but the quality wasn't very good and was getting stress cracks premature. Looked great for a while though until the paint started to chip.

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Thank you for all this info. Super insightful!

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