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Line up

Originally Posted by davehg View Post
Six pages and not a single comment on the Vincent in the OPís collection? Do tell us more, kind sir!
Starting from the back is a NorVin that I built and put on the road in 1978. It is the bike that I have done the most miles on in 41 years. Commuting, long distance touring, school drop offs and grocery shopping it has now done 250,000+ miles. Its been to NZ and last year I rode it around the UK for 2 1/2 months and 3000 miles. Next in line is my sons Ducati S4R. I ride that when he is riding his bikes and it needs a turn over. 3rd from the back is a B Series Vincent HRD done in a bobber style. I bought it accident damaged and took off the damaged parts, put on a pair of 2Ē straight pipes and a single seat and proceeded to ride it. I have done near on 50,000 miles in about eight years on it. Fourth from the back is a 1972 BSA Rocket Three mk2, the most recent buy. Always liked them from my early days of riding but very few Mk2 Home and general export ones are out there and I never had a real drive to get one until this one cropped up on ebay last year. Only done a few thousand miles on it so far. Next along is a Vincent C series Rapide done in a patinered slightly bobber style. I build this for a friend but he hasnít picked it up for nearly 3 months and said just ride it. So I am. Next to that is my sons 99-00 750 F4 then my 00 750 F4. In front is my 49 Ariel Square 4 with Dusting sidecar. Bought by my dad, my brother and I in 1976. Behind me taking the photo, in the shed, is a Vincent Comet, my first Vincent, another NorVin, this one a racing one running methamol, a 72 Triumph Bonneville, my sons 600 Ducati Monster and his 1980 Yamaha XT 500. Add in a Ducati Cuciollo and my sons 250 KTM, its mayhem.
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