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Originally Posted by cutloose View Post
Chaps, the LEDs are glued to the substrate and need to be pryed off once the leads are desoldered. They will come off like a rocket so be careful to point the assembly away from yourself. Because they are glued I have made the assumption that this is most likely for heat dissipation and that the adhesive is thermally conductive.

I purchased the LEDs through element 13 in oz @ $5 ea and the thermal conductive adhesive @ $30! (from memory).

When desoldering it is important to remember that due to the heatsinking a higher temp setting is required of your iron, assuming you have an adjustable iron.

Standby for part numbers of the LEDs and adhesive.

And another thing, the LEDs are very sensitive to electrostatic charges so take appropriate safeguards with your new LEDs, and the cct board as they can easily be destroyed. Avoid placing them in plastic containers or bags.

When soldering the LEDs again a high temp is needed due to the adhesive so apply appropriate heatsinking to the leads to avoid damaging the LED.

You can check the LEDs in circuit with a multimeter that has a diode function. The LED will glow when forward biased.
Has this worked for you? Were you successful?

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