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Originally Posted by PP1098 View Post
I was hoping (and after I read 1000 threads) that I would escape the problem.. but no

2.500kms on the clock of a 1078 and last night in the middle of nowwhere I 'lost 1-2 cylinders' (this is the feeling you get I think others wrote). Funny thing is that the bike was cool when i fired up and it sounded like a Vtwin. 10kms riding in the highway I stopped 5 mins, switched on again and .. all well. I only hope that I did not screw up the catalytic converter with all that unbunred fuel in the cylinder(s) in those 10kms of riding.

So that you know. In search of the relay now..
Thought the EBS had been junked in favour of the slipper clutch on the 1078 ??
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