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Originally Posted by style_one View Post

how do you know you're power sliding? did someone tell you? i know i like to imagine that i'm doing it on every corner.

i can only imagine...
You'll know when you've done it, the corner feels different. As the back begins to step-out the turning sensation changes from that of straight g-force compression through the bike to a lower sensation and the bike all of a sudden begins to turn tighter and needs to be corrected. You'll also become aware of a disparity between the engine speed and you're actual speed.

However, on one occasion I was chasing a fellow track enthusuast around a bend where the track camber changed from positive to negative mid-corner. This particular corner did not involve much leaning (knee was not in contact with the tarmac), as I crosses the corner apex I was really stretching the throttle cable and I became aware that the revs seemed to be building faster then I was accelerating. I saying to myself "I think the back wheel is spinning" and then thinking no real problem I do this all the time - at that precise point the world suddenly starts to move sideways (as the rear end attempted to overtake the front). At this point your next descision is critical - hold the throttle or not. I elected to roll off the power thinking the bike was still relatively straight and decided to not let go the bars under any circumstance.

Well fortunately for me I landed back on the bike, wobbled around the track for another lap to try to stop my heart from leaving my chest. Back in the pits I was all ready to tell the guys what had just happened, however it just so happened that at my moment one of guys was following me and got "the best seat in the house" view. He noted the bike was well sideways when I was thrown up into the air.

If you want to experience rear wheel steering, get your hands on a dirt-bike and got to your local moto-cross track. You'll learn all about front-end slides, rear-wheel steering, how un-fit you really are and general lose feeling bike control a sane speeds and without risking a very expensive crash.

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