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New member with new bike and problems already

Hi folks,

I am brand new to the forum and a very recent new owner of a 2005 Brutal 910s.

I bought the bike this weekend and unfortunately on the ride home it started to cough and hesitate.

I had a 30 mile ride home on mostly motorway. After about 5 minutes in, I was pulling away at lights and it was incredibly jerky, i.e. power, no power, power, no power.

It gradually accelerated and once at full throttle it would pull ok.

I pulled over, did visual checks and no issue. She was idling fine.

I joined the motorway and again, hesitation. I managed to tickle it up to 70-75mph and managed to have it sit there without any issues until I got home.

I’ve tried to run it again this morning believing it might just be old fuel (I then filled with 98 ron petrol), still the same issue, if not worse.

Really hesitant and running rough. I’d conclude that the issue is worse when the bike’s cold.

I’m gutted and the seller clearly would have known there was an issue. I am hoping that it’s a small issue, maybe a faulty lead or fuel pump?

Anyone have any clues and be able to assist?

I’ve swapped a fuel pump before so I am happy to tackle this, but I wondered if this forum might know of any quirks or faults that sound similar to the above.

Thanks in advance
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