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Originally Posted by theknurl View Post
If 1st and 2nd Gen front wheels are the same.......they have 6907-2RS bearings.......
Which fit the early large 35mm axles......and with part #8000A3470 spacers they fit 25mm axles that are on all MVs
with RAC 50 forks

Looks like you wasted a bunch of time making shit........

And I still don't know the wheel dimensions........thanks for the help

The outer race of the wheel bearings are the same distance apart on both of the wheels I have. When you add the spacers you are in effect making the wheel wider (too wide to fit in my forks). The bearings in the modified GEN1 wheels currently fitted to my bike are in the same position (outer faces) as the bearings that i removed...... I just needed to get the ID down to 25mm, sleeve type spacers wont work because the fork and spindle would nt touch the inner bearing race.

See pic attached, Wheel width, Disc mounting faces and Disc ID are the same on both wheels that i have. The inner bore of the wheel is 25mm on the GEN2, 35mm on the GEN1. Obviously I measured them to compare the two but I did nt write down any dimensions that were the same as they can be ignored.

Sorry to the OP for hijacking the thread!! Hopefully based on the info provided someone will be able to give you the spacer dimensions you need.
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