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Thank you!

Thank you for the education on the coils. I do understand the function part - we used to build them in shop class back in middle school. Laying it out so nicely, though - you should teach this!

It was the testing results really sending me out to wander in the darkness. I guess I expected there to be some sort of control on the spark-inducing secondary, thus looking for some resistance. Obviously, that was misguided. I was perusing videos on testing stick coils and none of the ones used as examples were like the Brutale's. I wonder if keeping the plug on the end would have made a difference in the readings?

In short, what you wrote did help! Thank you for that!

Unfortunately, back when I purchased the bike and I replaced the fuel line fittings - replacing the OEM plastic with metal - I neglected to switch out the connectors on the tank \ fuel pump side. So, when assembling things this weekend, I managed to catch a fuel hose on something under the tank and broke the OEM plastic tank fuel coupler. I have a replacement set on order, so I should get this all sorted by this weekend if I miss some sleep.

Again, I greatly appreciate your help!
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