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Service Interval: Here We Go Again

Having owned a 2016 TVL and now a 2019 TVL SCS, I am a little disappointed (again) with dealer service or more specifically, knowledge. The owners manual clearly states the recommendations for service intervals. I followed them religiously on my '16. I just had the 600 mile service completed by the MV Agusta dealer on my' 19. The tech was adamant about bringing it back at 3500 miles for valve service and then some more mumbling about a 6K service. He said all the F3 800's need this. The maintenance intervals as stated in the manual are 9K miles, period! I will undoubtedly change oil and filter every 3000 or so but valve adjustments and a 6K service? The tech set the ECU to display a 'service' message at 3500 miles. Scratching my head about this.
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