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Hi Dudman,

Yes dude - Shimmy's F3 at Cartagena.....I'm used to the grunt of a 1000 so found it a little lacking top end and from 4th gear onwards, but that's to be expected. I usually do the fast tracks (Spa, Nurburgring, Le Mans, Portimao...etc…) so know I will struggle on the straights against the litre bikes, at Cartagena I lapped the same times as my bike on Shimmy's one and that was only one 20 minute session so I know they are impressive - as soon as I came out of the pits I slammed on where I normally do and came to a stop in half the time, so opened the throttle to pick up speed for the first corner and the thing took off - I thought Crist, I'm going to bin it on the first corner here as I 50 penced it all the way round. Then I was confusing the bike with the auto blip on the downshift by doing it myself also (old habits), plus gearing was different to my bike so in wrong gear most of the time. Shimmy said just pin it out of the corners and trust the electronics but I couldn't (or they didn't kick in as far as I'm aware). My bike doesn't have any electronics on it as it's a 2007 model, and I'm old school with the throttle.

Even so, I was so impressed with the little bike in how it turned and stopped which is why I have now bought one. I still have the 1000 for the faster tracks, but looking forward to touring and Nurburgring on this bike. It's too nice to throw into the kitty litter for a few years....despite it belonging on track.

I'll put the dates in my diary for Pembry, hopefully see you there. I'll be getting the sweaty palms then as still now want to be back on the grid waiting for the red lights to go out. Can't beat the smell of Castrol R....

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