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Originally Posted by rickyleesurf View Post
I need to get the bike registered in California. Do I even need one? Not sure what DMV will require for the bike to be registered.
First question is how many miles are on the bike; second question is does it have a title from another state?

If the bike has >7500 miles and title from another state in the union then you can register it without a California emissions sticker PROVIDED it has a federal emissions sticker (which all bikes originally sold in US must have). You will need to verify the VIN as part of registration process. VIN can be verified 3 ways:
- at the DMV - free but big hassle with appointments and you can get a real a-hole inspector that can make experience a total nightmare. (Of course, the best time to do paperwork at DMV is right before closing. The employees all want to go home and tend to “express” handle the process to leave on time. I heard of this from several people, maybe worth a shot).
- at AAA - free and very pleasant experience. unfortunately not all the DMV clerks at AAA are good at filling out paperwork correctly. I have positive experience with AAA except for two occasions: when they misread the engine number on a Moto Morini and second time when I had to visit CHP inspection because AAA clerk improperly filled out inspection form on a Brutale.
- professional VIN verification service - not free but not crazy expensive. Will verify the VIN in comfort of your garage or wherever you agree to meet. Most of these services will also take care of the complete registration process, again for an additional fee. Works great if your day is busy. PM means I can give you a reference.
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