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2004 Brutale S Ignition Coil Testing Help


Please understand that electrics are not what I would call a strong part of my skill set.

I have had a coil failure on my 2004 Brutale 750 S and hoping to figure out their condition with them off of the bike using a multimeter. The readings I am getting seem a bit odd, so I am looking for help from someone else who has done this on these models with the Champion stick coils. I have also consulted several versions of the service manual - and in the other languages I have as well - looking for the proper specs, but this information is absent in every version I have. My readings are fairly simple to explain with these as my assumptions:
  • I am using the two outer pins at the top of the stick coil as a channel as I get consistent readings there.
  • I am using the center pin and the spark plug connector as another channel.

So, all coils show 0.7 Ohm across the first channel above. However, only one coil registers anything other than an open line on the second channel - and it reads around 423K Ohm. The other coils - from cylinders 2 to 4 - read only an open line. (I am using a Fluke Automotive Digital Multimeter model 78.)

Thanks to a certain member here, I will have a new-to-me set very shortly as another point of comparison. However, in the mean time, I am about certain that I am doing something wrong. If anyone has the time, please educate me.

Thank you!
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