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Originally Posted by dansoarr View Post
As James says, ECU studio can sort the QS and Blipper. It is possible to get to work with the standard sensor but it is problematic and I'd say go for one of their sensors (Translogic Durashift). I think they do a mail in service, but if you buy their kit you get the diagnostics error codes, erase and data-logging that helps you find the issues.

like James, I run ECU Studio and can recommend it, ECU Studio
Thanks, will do that

So i see 3 options:

-F4 R/RR 1000 2013 - 2017 flash kit
-Auto blipper sensor
-F4 R/RR 1000 2013 - 2017 additional licence

I assume i'll want to take the first two but what is the third option about ?

I'm also not an experienced tuner, is this beginner userfriendly ? Basicly i'd only require the QS/Down-blipper function and my ECU got already the latest update or are there any other recommended settings ?

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