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Put a 8mm ring spanner on the bleed nipple then a length of clear hose over the spanner on the nipple, crack the nipple open while pushing down on the rear brake lever. Close the bleeder with the rear brake lever still pushed down. Let the lever up and repeat a couple of times. This will lose a bit of fluid if it's overfull.

Then check the lever adjustment where the brake lever activates the rear master cylinder. You'll see a threaded portion and a lock nut on the shaft. Flick the clip up and pull out the pin (it's all one piece and attached). Then hold the forked piece the pin came out of, undo the lock nut and screw the forked shaft clockwise into the master cylinder. This will change the stroke and engage the rear brake later in the stroke. Sounds like your problem is a combination of too much fluid and too much adjustment on the brake pedal.

If you're not confident and are going to let a dealer do it then have them check all of the above. I don't have an F4, but to check my rear master cylinder level the tank has to come off. Others more knowledgeable will tell you if the fairing has to come off to adjust the stroke on the pedal.

Bear all this in mind as it's easy enough to do but takes a few hours labor so a dealer will charge accordingly. I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.



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