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Well, I just found out the problem 100% ECU related. The mailman dropped by with a nice package I swapped my ECU for a dragster ECU with ABS (I mapped all the pins of both ECU's and all the pins match except speedo sensor and quick shifter) and, to my surprise, the bike now runs very very smoothly. The hunting is ~90% gone, barely noticable. Unfortunately I have to return the dragster ECU to the owner, but at least now I know the bike is OK and it's the ECU that needs work.

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thats not normal! Maybe you didnt get any ecu update on your bike? Seems lika an italia so this must be 2012-2015 and if its an early one maybe it never seen any update! There were several updates for the b3s! Go to a dealer first an let them update the ecu. If the problem still ist there you need to find the problem.

btw did you realy got 50000 kms on the b3? And if so this problem wasnt there at the beginng? Then there must be something wrong, maybe airleak, damaged
lambda probe...
I bought it a year ago. Was a bit of a gamble The bike had 45000 km on it, but got its engine replaced at ~36.000 with an new engine. I got it for a very good price, so I gave it a shot. Changed all the fluids, brakes, spark plugs, and air filter. Fixed the rear hub issue. Did some thorough cleaning and polishing. The bike runs, steers and stops absolutely great, only the hunting at low rpm is a problem.

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So, the question is: What maintenance has been done to the bike? Fuel system serviced?

Honestly, I didn't watch the video until now. It is hunting. Causes can be vacuum related or fuel related.
Well, that's a whole other story... So as said above I got the bike cheap and gave it some TLC. The hunting at low rpm was there all along, but not as bad as it is now. My guess was it still had some old firmware and maps so I decided to send out the ECU to get flashed with an "optimized" firmware and maps by a company named Carmo. They said it would take 2 days. After a week I called to check the status, and they said they had difficulties with my ECU and needed files from one of the tuners they work with. That didn't sound good at all and at that point I should have cancelled the operation but I asked them to continue. Couple days later my ECU was back... installed it... and the hunting was even worse than before. Terrible. I emailed them last week but got no response yet.

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